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$teve grove
12/23/2013 3:30:00 AM
a couple different web series that have helped me kill time at work:

tiny commando - ed helms, gillian jacobs and the guy who was on that chuck show are in it. gillian and chuck are basically a PI firm that help people out with shit. chuck is the tiny hero and ed helms is his arch rival. funny enough. episodes are like 4 mins. watch it on the yahoo screens thing.

high maintenance - centers around an unnamed weed dealer in NYC and his weirdo, hipster annoying clientele. pretty funny. episode length varies. watch it at

chosen - low/mid-budget action/thriller ft. the guy from office space who wants to do 2 chicks at once and some other actors you will recognize. about a dude who gets a box with a photo and a gun and has to kill the person within 72 hrs. each episode is approx. 20 mins, but you can find the first season at redbox or other "unofficial" places online with all the episodes strung together so it plays like a movie. watch it at its on season 2 right now.

cleaners - ft. e's girl from entourage and the blonde hooker that Jax banged and then smashed her face on SOA, gina gershon (sp?) and dewy from scream. action/comedy about a hit squad basically. i'm like halfway through the first season. each episode is approx. 20 mins. watch it at

none of this shit is amazing, i could actually see high maintenance getting relatively big. its all free to watch, no sign ups or anything. and its better than nothing when you've run out of other shit.

anyone seen any of these? or have any others they could recommend?
Jason Voorheees
12/23/2013 9:53:00 AM
some of the spinoff/fill-in stuff i've seen is alright, like the walking dead webisodes and the battlestar galactica/caprica stuff.

oh, and 'the confession' with john hurt and jack bauer was great, and that was a web series i guess. saw it on netflix. i don't watch anything current though. i don't think i have the patience to follow something for only a few minutes at a time. i'd rather wait until it gets released all together.