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$teve grove
8/3/2013 3:07:00 PM
just finished the first season plus the first episode of the second season. its similar to house of cards and some of the middle seasons of the wire, only boss is a little cheesier at times. i dig it though, the second season seems to be off to a good start.
$teve grove
8/4/2013 3:04:00 AM
the main character is played by kelsey grammer, you may remember him as the voice of stinky pete in toy story 2
$teve grove
8/8/2013 9:34:00 PM
just finished the second season, kind of bummed it got cancelled. i really could have done without the entire story line about his daughter, or maybe just a different story line, or even if they just fixed some of the inconsistencies in her character and tweaked some shit it would have been more believable/better. but i enjoyed it and would recommend checking it out. theres only like 8 episodes in the first season and 10 in the second. each episode is just under an hr.
Jason Voorheees
8/9/2013 1:00:00 AM
where do you stream this? the site i normally use has all of the early episodes deleted already.
$teve grove
8/10/2013 11:57:00 PM it used to be but that one got hacked and now its primewire. the actual episodes were hosted on filenuke though.
Jason Voorheees
8/14/2013 6:21:00 PM
yeah, only a few eps in, but this is pretty good so far. great story, writing, production values. didn't know it was a gus van zant project, also, some great talent in indv. ep direction; a bunch of vets from the shield, homicide, and the wire. martin donovan is always great and perfect as the spin guy/2nd, and it's nice to see kelsey grammar cursing and playing an uncensored version of himself, and i like the hot blonde couger chick they picked for sex scenes - 40 doesn't look that good too often. it will be a while before her and grammar ever see material and prod. talent this good again.

so i'm going to go out on a limb and say i think the starz channel is majorly fucking up, that they failed this show and magic city, and that they are suffering more from their break with netflix than they expected. they lack the history of premium channels like showtime and hbo to get enough people to order them by themselves so they have to rely on bundles, or online distribution relationships like the one they had with netflix. and they be fuckin all that shit up.

with what it takes to put a series like this or mc together, why would anyone be so quick to pull it apart? the ratings problem with these shows can only be the result of poor marketing and distribution, because it's obviously not quality of content or production. again, they be fuckin up.
$teve grove
8/14/2013 9:14:00 PM
Originally posted by: Jason Voorheees

and i like the hot blonde couger chick they picked for sex scenes - 40 doesn't look that good too often.


my biggest problem, although we get to see her naked, is the daughter. her motivations and reactions to things that happen or just her life in general were kinda off. and sometimes i got the vibe that she things of herself as "a serious acTOR" and was about to raise her arm, palm facing, up and recite Shakespeare or something.

really really bummed it didn't get picked up for a 3rd, i completely agree with starz fucking itself. divinci's demons sucks, the white queen seems like its going to suck, spartacus ended and everything else got cancelled. why is this even a network anymore?
Jason Voorheees
8/22/2013 4:33:00 AM
just finished the last episode, good show. kelsey grammar is so often attached to crap, it was consistently surprising to see him really fill out the role. nice to see him with decent material.

i'd like to think the thing with the daughter being off was them showing that kane's corruption was genetic, like a tragic flaw in the ancient greek sense, passed from generation to generation. this was also implied with ian. maybe it wasn't written out as well as it should have been, but she never really bothered me as much. what i would say is her sex scenes were a bit rushed and clunky, definitely less erotic than those with kitty and the wife, which was a bit of a waste, because she is really pretty.